Blues From Poland

We recently received a CD from an artist in Poland named Tadeusz Nalepa.  I’ve played it a couple of times and several people have called or sent notes to the KNON website asking about it.  The cut I played on Monday (06-DEC-10) was Tak Przez Caly Czas which translates as “Yes All The Time.”

Tadeusz Nalepa was well known in his native Poland for decades and began his music career in 1965.  The CD we received at KNON, titled Zlota Kolekcja (“Gold Collection”) is a compilation of some of his best tunes.  For more information on Tadeusz, see this Wikipedia article.  Sadly, Tadeusz passed away in 2007 at the age of 63.

Given the positive reaction I am embarrassed to say that I’m not 100% sure how to pronounce Tadeusz’s name.  ("tad-OOSH"?  "tad-OOZE"?)  The only thing I found on the CD that is not in Polish is “Printed in Poland.”  I have colleagues from work in Krakow and I’ll ask them for help.  Until then I’ve used Google Translation to learn the titles in English.  They are:

  1. Dbaj O Milosc (Care About Love)
  2. Nie Miec Nic (Have Nothing)
  3. Nie Chce Zyc (Do Not Want To Live)
  4. Moj Dom Umiera (My Home Is Dying)
  5. Zerwany Film (The Film Picked)
  6. Ten O Tobie Film (The Film About You)
  7. Musze Dzis Ciebie Zabic (Today I Have To Kill You)
  8. Pozwol Mi Byc Z Toba Tu (Let Me Be With You Here)
  9. Jedz Ostroznie, Nie Popedzaj Kól (Drive Safely, Do Not Rush Kól
  10. CO Jest CO (CO Is The CO)
  11. Hold
  12. Tak Przez Caly Czas (Yes All The Time)

These are translations done by computer so they may not be accurate.  Song titles often include colloquial speech that makes more sense when translated by a native speaker.  Hopefully my colleagues in Krakow will set me straight.

The music is good but I especially like the CD because it illustrates the reach of Blues music.  It is a American art form that has spread over most of the globe.  Tadeusz’s CD isn’t the first Blues CD we’ve received from non-English speaking countries overseas (Trickbag Blues  and Jo' Buddy are other good examples) but it’s the first I’ve seen from Poland.

The Blues is definitely “World Music” today.

Keep on resonatin’