Texas Blues Radio Monday JMAC

Although I like many styles of music whether listening or playing guitar my first love is the blues. On my show I try to feature recordings from the Classic Blues of the early 20's to 30's Country Blues to Jump Blues of the 40's to 50's Chicago

Texas Blues Radio Tuesday Sonny Boy Mark

I blame it all on Jimmy Reed. If it wasn’t for his music, my introduction to the blues may have been delayed for quite some time. As a teenager, when I heard “The Best of Jimmy Reed” on Vee Jay Records, everything changed for me.

Sonny Boy Mark and Duke RobillardI decided that I needed to know everything there was to know about this kind of music. Some forty years later, I’m...

Texas Blues Radio Wednesday Scott

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Texas Blues Radio Thursday Big Daddy Hal


Big Daddy Hal

Big Daddy Hal'For me, Blues is a feeling,' says Big Daddy, 'I never come in with a prepared show.

It could be anything from pre-war to today's more contemoroary styles.

I enjoy sharing the music...

Texas Blues Radio Friday Don O

Don O

Texas Blues Radio - Blues Format Director