Sonic Burrito

Weird Warren
on KNON Program Schedule Sunday 10-11:59pm.

Weird Warren is KNON's resident geek/engineer and also host's the Sonic Burrito Radio Show on Sundays 10:00 pm to 12:00 midnight. Warren has been in the broadcast industry for over 30 years, 15 of them with KNON.


The Sonic Burrito Radio Show is an eclectic mix of comedy, music and audio oddities… pretty much whatever Weird Warren feels like playing that night from his Wall 'O Sound at home.


The Dungeon

on KNON Program Schedule Sunday 12-4am.

Tune into The Dungeon on to hear extreme metal such as Wardulak. Hosted by Raven and Mistress Sylvia.  Sun 12-4am.  

Magic Time Warp

Ranger Rita
on KNON Program Schedule Saturday 10am-12pm.

Oldies Rock


Ranger Rita

Mansion of Madness

Hieronymous Superfly
on KNON Program Schedule Saturday 12-4am.

Lone Star Dead

on KNON Program Schedule Friday 8-10pm.

Lone Star Dead was started in 1983 on KNON 89.3 FM

Since 1992, it has been produced and hosted by Eric Schwartz .

Our goal is to spread the music of the Grateful Dead and its various offshoots and influences to the Deadheads of the Dallas/Fort worth area.

Hard Time Radio

Thrashin Alan
on KNON Program Schedule Thursday 8-11:59pm.
Hard Time Radio

Thrashin AlanThrashin Alan

Thashin’ Alan Bio

I Am A Lifelong Native Of Ft. Worth Texas, Where I Have Spent Most Of My Life Longing For A Bigger, Better, Stronger Metal Scene. I Began Listening To “hard Rock” Music And Attending Rock Concerts In The Later 70’s, And Quickly Progressed Into, What I Refer To Now As “old School Heavy Metal” In The Early 80’s.

Notes from the Underground

Gene the Scream
on KNON Program Schedule Wednesday 8-10pm.

Notes from the Underground is a show that will remind Baby Boomers, and introduce younger listeners, to a time in American History when the youth culture flexed its muscle while at once injecting a feeling of love and peace into the American psyche.

Sonic Assembly

on KNON Program Schedule Tuesday 10-11:59pm.

Sonic Assembly Radio

Sonic Assembly Power Hour has been massaging the FM airwaves since 2009 with Woodtronic(Reid Robinson), and was recently nominated for 'Best Radio Show' by the Dallas Observer. Sonic Assembly features a unique mix of indie, local, global, and obscure sounds not usually heard on the terrestrial dial.

Rockabilly Revue

Charlie Dont Park
on KNON Program Schedule Tuesday 8-10pm.

cowhide_cdp.JPG"The Rockabilly Revue" has been dedicated to keeping t

Roulette Radio

on KNON Program Schedule Monday 12-4am.