Gospel Dimensions

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Frances Smith

Frances Smith - email: gospeldimensions@knon.org


Friday Mornings 4am-7am

Gospel Dimensions

The Sweetheart of Gospel was born in Moore Station, TX and is the third child born to Bishop and Mrs. W.T. Smith. Grew up and graduated in Dallas from the Frankin D. Roosevelt High School. Attended the Cedar Valley Jr. College majoring in business. Smith is a very active member of teh Holy Temple C.H.S Church.Also I am an ordained minister of the Christ Holy Sanctified Churches of America Inc.

A member of the Texas Announcers Guild, the Gospel Music Workshop of America, the Freedom for all Prison Ministy and have been an announcer for KNON 89.3 FM for 13 years.

Frances also volunteers for the Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation and the Hope Foundation. Her hobbies are reading, crossword puzzles, singing and listening to Gospel Music. 'MY GOAL IS TO REACH PEOPLE THROUGH THE AVENUE OF GOSPEL MUSIC AND THE WRITTEN WORD OF GOD.'




Sister Frances: Your program is a blessing to us all.

what was that song

Hey! What was that song you played Friday morining? Something like Im in love with the change, or Im in love with the man? I really liked that song and would like to know the name of it. Thanks.

Sunday Night - Mighty Travelers and Other Groups

Sis. Frances,
You did an excellent job last night, and I wanted you to know that I really enjoyed you being the mistress of ceremony.  My husband told me that I met you before at the Infinite House of Praise (Dr. Roderick Williams, Arlington, TX), but I don't remember meeting you there.
You have such a sweet spirit, and it shows that you really love the Lord.  God bless you, and continue your good works in the Lord.
My husband just recently pledged on behalf of Infinite House of Praise.  I would like to meet you one day in person so that we can talk, especially since Pastor Williams knows you.  Oh, also the drummer Kenneth Stokes, Jr., son of the lead singer in the Mighty Travelers, plays for our praise team at Infinite House of Praise.
It's such a small world, and I want you to know that I was one of the one's who got their praise on last night. (smile)
I hope you weren't too tired today due to your long night last night.  Again, what a wonderful job, and keep up the good work!