KNON Blend Show Wednesday

  • Wednesday 7-9am



Specimen 75 


Scientific Name 

Miercolis Pipitikus


Originating from a prairie grand in scheme, this specimen spent several years in a nomadic state. Exploring the coasts where dreadlocks are a common wildflower, Muddy River bottoms hidden behind roads that cross, and hills that fall leaves blow above indigo colored grass. Has migrated and settled into an odd valley of blended ethnicities who celebrate Polynesian war dances

Food Groups

Smoked, fried, cured, grilled, baked, and even raw insert here. A not so healthy mixture of wheat, barley, & hops. Has been known to consume copious amounts of distilled liquids as well as bathtub gin. (only at Phish shows)

Distinguishing Features 

Inability to sustain customary pant line without a belt. Constant need of stepladder or stilts. Gorge sized John Lee Hooker songs on both sides of facial structure.


Random stumbles into roadside honkey tonks and back wood juke joints with local musicians have been known to bewilder and cause hazy confusion. 



Pledge Drive Volunteers?

Anyone interested in coming up 11/7, 11/14, and/or 11/21 (if necessary) and helping with the phones? First pledge drive for our new format! Could use all the help we can get!!!


Just wanted to let you know that I made an across-the-board $100 pledge to the 7am M-F shows.  (The Celtics are on their own, sorry).So you can add a whopping $20 to your total sheet.  Ain't much, but every bit helps right?Keep up the good work.  Really enjoy your program.bp