Knowledge Dropped Lessons Taught V.2

  • Saturday 8-10pm
EZ Eddie D

Knowledge Dropped, Lessons Taught V.2 has been the longest-running hip hop show on the radio airwaves in the nation. Hosted by EZ Eddie D since the days of the old White House, tune in each Saturday evening from 8-9 pm for some of the freshest music, cool guests and a great hour of radio





Just got my shirt


Don't remember the artist for this song

I remember the song name is Godzilla. Can't remember the artist and whenI  searched the lyrics nothing came up. I remember the chorus goes, everywhere we go you know we got killa, spit fire out our mouths like Godzilla. 

Name of song

The song is by Mark Spits my mellow

Respect !

Mr. Knowledge Droppa
With the Lessons Taught-uh
Airin' love to his son and the two daughters
Listen every week, with my tongue in cheek
Miss the times when jammed 2 hours a week
Makes me wanna spit, maybe take a hit
Best hip hop radio and internet
Always feeling the love Eddie
Much Respect

EZ Eddie D Still The Man!

My old friend EZ Eddie D still going strong for so long. Does my heart proud to see this legend in community radio and Hip Hop doing what he does best. Much Love EZ! Franz The Hybrid One Artist/Producer Live Show Host/Record Label Executive Franzaliscious Music Video n More Show  Metal 2 Music Records

"D-Man Back in the Buildin"

Whatz the dealz my dude? just gettin at you showin mad luv. Keep holdin it down,Im a send you a track soon for old tyme sake. ALL DAY ED'S THE MAN (HOLLA BACK)

Lil Chico

Yo yo? I C U still Grind'N...Holla back.


Hey man, love the show. There's nothing I hate more on my saturday night than looking at the clock and realizing it's after nine oclock and I forgot about you. It would be great if you could put out tracklists or even a podcast of your shows.

whats good ez d

Ima new listener, also a great and ambitious songwritr,producer,rapper,singer. Check me out . Also i was featured in the dallas weekly newspaper a couple weks ago. I have a uplifting positive song called i feel so gud today that i will b releasingon breaking the bar with jkruz in december..thanks


Lovein the dopeness,my boy got some rough tracks he's tryin to get herd. Let me know how i can get it to you. Thanks.

Well Hello :)

Hello my dear friend :)
i hope and pray that you are doing well..and i still listen to you when i get a chance :) smileyur sytle is still the same from back in the day and thats a good thing..i hope that we get to catch up soon.
*Take care*

Your Sister!!!

Hey Sweetie,
I have tried to reach you!  Check your Facebook mail, I left a # for you to call me.  I need to talk with you.  Please call.  I will try to reach you at the station tonight.  Love you!!!!  Kay

1st Time Listener

For the 1st time I heard ya station and thought ya intro was boss. I waant a download or somethin cuz it was OG. You got my Email let me know how to get it or wut...

Dj in need of schooling

Whats up man, I always try to listento your show when im in dallas, i live in austin but im from dallas and when ever i go home i always try to listen to tune in. Im actually really interested in starting an underground hiphop show here in austin, with my school's radio, UT's 91.7 kvrx. I just wanted to get a quick schooling on what yall recommend me looking up and studying, i want my show to be kinda like yalls but i dont want to simply copy i want to know the artist yall play and maybe i can learn from them as well, just using your show as an example, kinda like a starting templete. I would really appriciate if yall just gave me some of your playlists or something so i could learn how to be great like your show. Much love and respect,cristian perezctjperez@hotmail.comuniversity of texas at austin class 2014

New listener

Came across this station after being tired of listening to the garbage on the other stations. My radio is broke but luckily I was still able to find yall diamond in the rough. Feeling the vibe of it and all ready started spreading the word on it( to close friends I know since I'm new to the area). Can't wait to keep up with you guys...much love. Bless.*Emancipated Mimes Music Group*

passing through

found you while rolling into dallas the saturday after thanksgiving.  so great to hear your show!  do you have past playlists or podcasts?  i live in denver and would love to hear you more often.matt

Glad to be back to listen... It's been awhile.

Yo yo yo! Peace to EZ ED and the Knowledge Drop Lessons Tought crew... Thank you to KNON 89.3 for supplying the real RAP & Hip-Hop for the METROPLEX. Peace, love, and blessings to ya'll...

Hey Ed

Hey man, Learning, Listening, Living . . . Talk to U soon.   Roll on . . .King

loving the show

It's been a while since I tuned in...your show always inspires me. Thanks.

April 3 Setlist

Great set man! I was totally digging the tracks you played today. Anyway I can get  setlist or a recording of your set?