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Ranger Rita

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Ranger Rita

Saturday Mornings 10am-Noon
The Magic Time Warp Show plays mainly 'Fifties Oldies, from approx. 1947 to 1962. It has been mathematically proven that 1962 was the Last Good Year.

Ranger Rita was on KNON in the 'Eighties and 'Nineties, on the Magic Time Warp Show, and also in the Monday drive-time country slot. She has hosted shows on KBEC - Waxahatchie, and on TheWest-dot-com.

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I Only Have Eyes for You

Ranger Rita-I know you said you only played 'I Only Have Eyes for You' because it was a request but I just have to tell you, it is absolutely my all time favorite song!  So I wanted to say Thanks for playing it today. 

Ranger Rita

Hello!  Ranger Rita,
I have listened to oldies but goodies since my childhood.  Eventhough, I was born way after this time I loved the purity of the music.   I don't know who I picked  this taste for music cause no one in my family listens to,  but I wanted to say  Thank You so much for sharing your love of music to those who love it.
Thank You,

Saturday's Show 6-25

Ranger Rita > Great name!
got the weekend off from work and running errands.  Had stopped at Quick-Trip to get a 59 cent special diet coke, plopped back into the car, bored close to infinity, and pressing all the radio dials looking for something, anything different.  Same old stuff on everywhere, and then, ...> quilck,  There is your show.  Great Stuff.  I melded right there in the driver's seat instantly; I was 15 again.  I had to fish my drivers license out of my back pocket to see if I was in the current time frame!
I just logged in and am password approved.  I will tune in next Saturday,  Love your idea.  Good music lasts across any "warp".

Saturday's Program

Really enjoyed the "Comparison" segment!  Keep 'em coming!

Just great!

Thanks for playing so many of my favorites.

thank u

Lady V we enjoyed listening to the Gary Hobbs mix and even danced. Please send an I love u to my romantic sexy husband that still gives me butterflies every time he looks at me. Thanks again ur the best. Mrs Herrera

hey d-town

hey everyone in knon. my name is noe rodrigues aka lil snoopy. i got shout outs  for all the people in Nawf dallas, and let me tell you that right now im living in guanajuato mexico and i always listen to knon via internet, its my favorite station. here are some many people that always listen the station with me my family, friends thata like the musik that yall play, from tejano, cumbia pop, rock to latin rap, hip hop and all musik, let me tell you that yall have so many fans of the station, and they told me to tell yall, that yall have the best station ever, keep it up and good wishes for the future. shout out s fromguanajuato mexico.

Shout to my wife

Id like to send a shout out to my wife Angela Flores .. want to say That i miss her and love her so much.. i know shes listening to this program and want her to know that me and the kids are thinking of her..   From Ray, Clarissa, and Andrew Flores..

shout out to my soldier in afghanistan

I'd like to send a shout out to my hubsand in Afghanistan, Private First Class Juan Munoz.. and our very close friend Sargeant Josue Martinez. My husband and I are big fans of KNON and Super Tejano Saturdays! We're from Fort Worth Texas but are stationed out in Fort Polk Louisiana.. We still listen online! Me (Pauline) and our 7yr old son Cruz want to tell him we love him very much and we miss him! And we will see him soon!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL SOLDIERS SERVING OVERSEAS! Thank you!!

shout out

Wanna send a shout out to my wife Lia who is at home jamming to knon and cleaning up the house love u babe....from Big D



Super Tejano Saturdays best show ever!!

Love the Tejano Music you play!!

Shout Out

hey this is Sargent Ayala,Francisco from Fort Worth TX  stationed here in FOB Shank Afghanistan...wanted to say I LOVE YOU Celinda Ayala (Wife)...I will be home soon..and to My kids Daddy loves you very much!!! Thank you knon for the music that you provide for us here in afghanistan....miss you guys..thanks


hi my name is brandy im from frisco i just wanted to say ya'll are the best and i love ya'll...keep it up...

I just came from vaction, and

I just came from vaction, and one of my list of things to do is to e-mail the Djs at KNON-FM Dallas who do the Super Tejano Saturday Show to PLEASE give the name of the Artist & Title of all Tejano songs before and after the song, so we can buy and support the Tejano Artist and Music.
This is one way too keep Tejano Music strong. I remember back in the days KICK-FM Dallas use to do it all the time, that's how I bought my Tejano Music. Make It happen guy's, it just takes a few seconds. I can't buy the music if you don't say the name of the song plus the Artist.
I always have my pen ready to write the song and Artist down just to find out the Title and who sings it, but they don't say it. DANG!
Make Sure the Dj's do it at all Tejano schedules playing Tejano Music. I know this isn't San Antonio, but were better, so get it on D-TOWN make it happen PLEASE!

Super Saturday Tejano............

I strongly agree with him. This also includes the show from 12pm to 4pm I mean come Big "D" let's show that we're  tejano and proud. I'm enjoying all the cumbias and corridors from all tejano artist. And please don't interupt the mix or song they sound AWSOME!! and bring back alot of good memories.

Our Tejano music...

I've been a tejano music lover for as long as I can remember, and I like all the music our culture has to offer.  However, I notice that this station, along with all the internet stations and even KXTN in SA only plays the old tejano music.
There are so many new bands, tejano and conjunto, that are awesome.  Even the veterans like David Lee, has NEW music.  But EACH and EVERY station wants to play the music from the 80s and 90s.  All I hear is Ram, Gary Hobbs, Jay Perez, La Sombra, La Fiebre, and Joe Lopez.  You do know Joe is a convicted felon, right?  His music was and is great, but why do we put him on a pedestal? 
We have Boni Mauricio, The Desperadoz, Grupo Maldad, The Tejano Boyz, The Hometown Boys, The Tex Manics...all NEW and great music! Why isn't anyone playing these artists?  A lot of people have never heard of some of these bands because radio and internet will not hardly play any of it.  Hello?  David Lee has NEW music y'all can play.  I get my information by going to festivals.  SA's Fan Fair and Conjunto Fest is the BEST way to hear about new music and it blossoms from there.
If KNON would play more of the newer music and give these bands an opportunity to shine, I would definitely pledge!  But why should I pledge, if I only turn it on for a second?  That's why our tejano music has faded.  Our stations have stuck to the old and it's very repetitive and boring.
Liven it up you guys!  Play the new music that ALLl the wonderful tejano artists have to offer!  Not just the same ones over and over.  What do you have to lose?  Respectfully submitted, tx911gal