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Hieronymous Superfly

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Saturday Mornings Midnight-4am

Mansion of Madness explodes with 55,000 watts of musical lunacy, weird rants, and inspired freakiness. Enjoy radically free-form radio from Dallas' premier freak-out disc jockey, Hieronymous Superfly, every Friday night from midnight-4 a.m.. Punk, industrial, lounge, jug band, Japanoise, rock, electronica, psycho-acoustics, 'pataphysical updates, Martian invasions, psychedelic, freak-folk, whirled music, ethnic brass, mash-ups, mad science, monsters unleashed, Ska, theme shows, spy jazz, witch house, darkwave, plunderphonics, ambient, hip-hop, and much, much more. Tune in! Turn up! Freak in!



great show! playlist?

help a lady out here. i was able to catch a snippet of your show last night/this morn, from about 12:40 to 1am (living in Denton, so tops of hills work andthen you descend and signal tragically disappears!) what was on during this time. something amazingly glitchy spastic deep beats that made me think of Dr. Octagon and Africa Bambaata's grandchild, something kinda Captain Beefhearty with throat singing, etc and ended up on Omar XXX? Incredible set. i'll be better about streaming, but i wish i could listen to your show constantly

Response for Sam

Hi Sam! I believe that song is "I Create in the Broken System" by Arrington De Dionysio & Malaikat dan Singa. Check it on Youtube & let me know if that's it. Thank you so much for listening & my apologies for the dealyed response. 

Thanks for listening~!

Appreciate the massages and all requests go into the ongoing mix! I have played The Horrors and shall again. 


I hat coffy butt i lub yor SHOW!
yay SHOW!

Very pleased to hear this,

Very pleased to hear this, Horpneehoo!

greetings from fort worth!

Please play some Grimes and Austra. They're Canadian dark wave/synth pop artists. Also a bit from british band The Horrors would be great as well.

Greetings from Houston

Am tuned in.  All systems are go.



Track listing.

Around 2 AM you played big band jump. I need to know what version and what was played immediately after.

Track listing of tonight’s show please!!!

1/21/12    yall rock! Nice beats!

Occupy Dallas

I'm just hoping you'll mention Occupy Wall St./ Occupy Dallas on the show.Phenomenal music, by the way!  Thanks, Cyberina.


aY kEep spinning the dope trax!!! BOH! BOH! BOOOYAAAH! MAF! WOOOOOOOOOAO!

Where is Rocket!?!?

I was patiently awaiting my Rocket to come on, and The Dungeon starts! WTF!! Mañana??

Once Upon A Time aka Quality Music

Would you please play Bobby Rydell "forget him" and "Sway" also "image of a girl" by the Safaris. 

Amanda's wedding in fort worth Nov 5 2010

Ciberena do i only wish" rocket radio" was the DJ at my sisters wedding. Any way thanks for playing my Skinny-Puppy , and hamburger lady requests for the ride back home from fort-worth thanks. Paul Olsen The Colony TX

im in the process of making some new sounds for show

keep it going


keep it going good music paul


helo i just joind thie site  love show bin ther from the start  and the gray zone be for

Friends With Headphones Invade Rocket Radio!

Thanks so much for letting us do the show. I always wanted to do a show on KNON, and this was a great experience. I posted the show in parts on my website for any & everyone to enjoy!


Really enjoyed the show tonight, I immediately went home and downloaded 3 of the 6 or so tunes I heard, Do the Joy, Subway and Fly into Outer Space, and I'm really glad that two out of those 3 are Texas artists.

Thanks for putting good music on the radio waves.

Clayton "The Abomination" Davis of ENORMICON
and of course, a Dentonite.


Thanks Clayton!

I ran into a couple of the Enormicon guys in person while they were hanging posters for your show this Friday night.

Once you guys finish recording a studio demo, you should get a couple of copies up to the station. 

Hi Cyberina .. your show rocks !!

Is there a tracklisting of tonights show .. I was wondering what track was on at 2:30 ?

keep banging it !!

I'm gonna send im to outer space..

To find another race!
Really enjoying the show, I think you should institute the Rewind!
Like on the pirate stations in London.. They do stuff like if they get ten texts on any tune they will start it over. It's funny as hell sometimes when people won't let a track stop playing. Just a thought:)