Notes from the Underground

  • Wednesday 8-10pm
Gene the Scream

Gene the Scream -

Wednesday Nights 8pm-10pm

Notes from the Underground is a show that will remind Baby Boomers, and introduce younger listeners, to a time in American History when the youth culture flexed its muscle while at once injecting a feeling of love and peace into the American psyche.

It was the blossoming of Rock ā€˜Nā€™ Roll.

The music could be haunting, beautiful, and mind expanding. It was anti-war and pro-love.  In short, Notes from the Underground will pull you in, turn you around, and leave you smiling.  So reserve a ticket on trans-love airways and fly with me, your host Gene, on Notes from the Underground.



Great show


Just started listening to the program and enjoy it very much. It's great to hear some psychedelic rock that you don't hear on other stations.

More Kinks Please

Lola Versus Powerman and the Money-Go Round, Pt. 1 (70), and Muswell Hillbillies (71), rinse, repeat.

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tall order

Gene, I love your show on the infrequent occasions work allows me to listen in. I have a college-age son who's interested in psychedelic music. I lived it and love it myself, but value your seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of the subject. What would you include on an essential playlist of 10-15 60s psychedelic songs? Your counsel is appreciated. Keep stirring the wavy gravy.

Notes From the Underground

Hello out there! I'm Gene, and I'd like to hear any and all comments about my show. Let 'er rip.....

Satanic Majesties Request

Gene: Great remembering the 3-D album cover from the Stones' Satanic Majesties Request. I see someone else was thinking about "2,000 Light Years From Home". How about a show revolving around that album?Just tuned into "Deep Tracks". Clapton covered "Them Changes". Where's Mountain now?Horace

Your great show

Here's some ideas:
Quicksilver M S - "Pride of Man"
Simon and G- "Richard Corey"
Pink Floyd(with Sid)- "Emily"
Rolling Stones- "2 Million Light Years from Home"
Those 2 people- "In the Year 2525"
Moody Blues- "Legend of a (ruined) Mind"
Napoleon- "There Coming to Take Me Away"
Frank Zappa- "Peaches in Regalia",etc.
Thanks, Jim, Flower Mound, Tx