Praise with Purpose

  • Sunday 10am-12pm
Rick LeDay.

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Sunday Mornings 10 AM -12 PM

Join us in Worshiping, Praising and giving Glory to GOD with an edgy and uplifting mix of gospel music, relevant inspirational messages and POWERFUL PRAYER. Brother Rick wants you to know that no matter what stage of life you are in, YOU are not alone. You do NOT have to go through this life unaccompanied. GOD is there for you and he wants you in his army!      

Rick LeDay grew up in Southern Louisiana with a strong Christian background; His father is a minister and his mother, a minister of music. Rick has a master’s degree and is Corporate Director of Safety travels, which allows him the opportunity to travel all across the U.S. and Canada, spreading the Gospel to others along the way. He is a father to three sons and still enjoys coaching kids and inspiring them to live their lives in a productive and GODLY manner. He is the founder of Praise with a Purpose Army, a group of believers who call in the show for prayer and stand in agreement with the prayers of others. Rick is anointed and appointed by GOD and continues to dedicate his life to the service of  Our LORD and SAVIOR.



What a Blessing!

Brother Rick,Greetings from Florida! I just wanted to take a moment and thank you and the Praise with a Purpose army for the wonderful service you give to our LORD and SAVIOR. Stay encouraged, your ministry is reaching many, I know there are many here in Jacksonville FL. who look forward to listening to and are being BLESSED by Praise with a Purpose! I personally have experienced many Prayers answered over the years when I have called in and asked for Prayer. GOD Bless you, Evangelist Ross, the Praise with a Purpose army and all of the listeners. You are all making a difference!