Rockabilly Revue

  • Tuesday 8-10pm
Charlie Dont Park

Cowhide/Charlie Don't Park - email:,


Tuesday Evenings 8pm-10pm

"The Rockabilly Revue" has been dedicated to keeping the legends alive for well over a decade, while still rockin' to the new guys.  Join us every Tuesday night or all the Rockabilly Rants and Psychobilly Meltdowns we can squeeze into two hours.

We also feature surprise guest DJ appearances, in-studio band interviews and performances...

The DJ's alternate weekly between the Cowhide crew (Cowhide Cole, Buckaroo Baby & Gene the Scream) , and the CDP set (Charlie Don't Park, JaiBird & Jamie Deadkat).

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Been awhile

But I'm logged in an listening to the rockinest Rockabilly show I know.  Thanks CDP and crew for the tunes!  Always trolling for obscure Stray Cats tunes.


Thanks for the shout out, and for mentioning Lucky Dog Books!!


Hi Cowhide & Buckaroo Baby! I'm listening!sz

Shout-Out to Mark Wilkerson from Steve in Atlanta

This is Stereo Steve from Atlanta, Georgia.
Please give a big shout-out to my brother-in-law Mark Wilkerson.  I'm listening live on, and Mark's surf rock selection is amazing tonight!!  I am a big fan of The Mermen and Dick Dale, and this is the only chance I get to hear them together on the same radio show.  Awesome tunes!!  Great job, Mark!!   Please bring him back more often.
Thanks, Stereo Steve

Great show mark

I read the link you sent in your annoucment for this show and learned a lot about surf music that I didn't know about, thanks for the knowledge. Great energy coming over the internet. Reminds me of your playing with the BlueSky Blues band. 


show rocks


Awesome Show tonight!!!   Can't wait for October 15th!!!


What a great show!!!

Hello from Houston

This is Harvey Hudson................GREAT SHOW!!!

Surf's Up! ...

... there is just nothing like the sound of a Telecaster through a Fender Reverb Amp! smiley ... just jamming to the Surf sounds with everyone ... I am a friend of Mark and try never to miss his annual appearance on your show! Surf's up!
Stephen Jackson 

Mardi Gras

Geno the Screamo,  Thanks for the southern shout out! Jake didn't believe me! Enjoying the music much, especially Chuck Berry!As a reminder:  Mardi Gras does mean "Fat Tuesday" in French.  Fat Tuesday is the day before the Catholic lenten season.  This is when the Catholics give up their favorite thing (drinking, partying, red meat, etc...)  So you can imagine how they party it up for MARDI GRAS.  The lenten season lasts 40 days before Easter, which ends the fast.  Just a l'il history and religion lesson all in one. LOL -- Cajun Cathy