Sonic Burrito

  • Sunday 10pm-Monday 12am
Weird Warren




Weird Warren - email:


Sunday Nights 10pm-Midnight


Weird Warren is KNON's resident geek/engineer and also host's the Sonic Burrito Radio Show on Sundays 10:00 pm to 12:00 midnight. Warren has been in the broadcast industry for over 30 years, 15 of them with KNON.

 The Sonic Burrito Radio Show is an eclectic mix of comedy, music and audio oddities… pretty much whatever Weird Warren feels like playing that night from his Wall 'O Sound at home.

 Tune in you wont be disappointed.




Say "Hi!" to Jerry for me!

Song title?

What was the name of the song you played tonight around 10:25 right before "Kiss To Build A Dream On"? Please let me know. Thanks!I think it would be perfect for a very cheeky happy-go-lucky 1950s burlesque act I'm planning. ;)

like the tunes ~

Good job on the tunes tonight !

Viva el Clash!!!