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Although I like many styles of music, whether listening or playing
guitar my first love is the Blues. On my show I try to feature
recordings from the Classic Blues of the early 20's, 1930's
Country Blues, Jump Blues of the 40's, 1950's Chicago Blues, and
all Blues right up to today.  And, of course, all the great
local Blues artists and bands.  North Texas is fortunate to
be the home of many outstanding Blues musicians.

I've been playing the Blues on KNON since 1987 and will continue
as long as they let me.

Hope you can tune in from 6:00 to 8:00 PM (US Central Time) every
Monday, on the air or over the Internet.  Give me a call
during my show at Metro 972-647-1893 if there is something you
would like to hear and I'll do my best to play it for you. Thanks for listening and special thanks to those of you that pledge and support KNON and Texas Blues Radio!




it was early in your show, maybe 6-615 you played a song about a ride, or trip. maybe to mexico... it had a real outlaw feel to it.... i cant remember anything else... im sorry, i know its a pain. but is there any way you can give me an idea of what song that was.... i know, im a terrible person... Thanks

Mexicali Run by Jim Suhler

Glad you liked it!

That was 'Mexicali Run' by Jim Suhler and Monkey Beat from Jim's 2009 CD 'Tijuana Bible' on the Underworld label.  Jim is a longtime friend and a former KNON DJ.  If you liked that song you will probably like everything else on that CD.

Good news: Jim is in the studio finishing up a new release which he hopes to have out this summer.  In addition to Jim's band Monkey Beat there will be special guests like Jason Elmore.  I'm looking forward to Jim's next CD and you'll hear it first on KNON.


What's that song (new listener

Just discovered KNON (Mon 10/29/12) and blown away. Heard a blues jam and story about the artist listening to a song when a Honda Accord pulled along side with mega bass. Ruined artists mood, pulled into gas station to fillup w/diesel and Accord pulled in for gas. Conversation about blues evolved........Would love to have that artist's name song and CD. Don't remember if it was 4-6pm or 6-8pmtks

Larry Garner - Keep Singing The Blues


That song was Keep Singing The Blues from Larry Garner's last CD titled Here Today Gone Tomorrow on the VooDoo UK label.  Larry is based in Baton Rouge, LA, and appears in Dallas too infrequently.  If you like that song you are sure to like everything else on the CD and on Larry's previous CDs.  He's one of the best story tellers on the Blues scene today and it is well worth checking out his catalog.  Glad you enjoyed the song.  Thanks for listening!

Song Information Needed

I think I got the song information wrong. The song was played about 7:07PM 7-30-2012. I think the artist is Christian Dozzle and the song is 'For Pete's Sake' from the album 'Living Life'. But I could ont find any information on it when I searched for it online.

Greetings from England...British blues!

Free to play if you like...there's a few stations picking up on it...I'm frontman with the north UK band Night Train, but this is a solo project. Let me know if you'd like any moreAlechttp://soundcloud.com/buskersball/death-angel

What song was that

Say what song was that about the mans old lady and her coke

The Last Coke

That was 'The Last Coke' by Larry Garner from his CD Here Today Gone Tomorrow.  It is an excellent CD and if you liked that song you will probably like everything on the CD.


What was that song?


I know you've probably slept since then, but can you shake out the cobwebs and try to recall what you played on Mar 5, one of the first 2 or 3 songs. It sounded a lot like Robin Trower's droning, foreboding style. I've heard it before on KNON not necessarily your show though.
Thanks from a frequent listener!

RE: What was that song?

You would ask me a hard one. smiley

I started with Mr Blues Is Coming To Town (Wynonie Harris) as usual.  Then, if memory serves, I played 6 Foot Down by Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch from the CD Upside Your Head.  Following that was Left Alone by Big Bill Morganfield from his CD Blues In The Blood.  I was inspired by the show on Saturday night at Poor David's Pub.  Big Bill, Jason, Cheryl Arena, and Chris Watson were all excellent and it was a great show.

I've posted photos from that show on the FaceBook page I set up for KNON's Texas Blues Radio programs.  You can view them at https://www.facebook.com/knon893blues and you don't need to have a FaceBook account.


6.10pm 24/10/2011

At around 6.10-6.15pm on Monday 24 of October you played an amazing song, an insturmental blues jam featuring prominent guitar and sax leads.  I missed the artist and the song title and I'd really like to hear more tunes by the artist as well as the one already played so if you could tell me who it was that would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to thank you for bringing a brilliant blues show to Dallas/Ft. Worth for a Scouse ex-pat who grew up on Soul, Blues and Jazz its invaluable to have a radio show to ease the homesickness.

Instrumental Blues Jam

NorthernSoulie - I've slept since then (and leave my play lists at the station) but, best I recall, that was the song T & A Boogie from Texas Slim's latest CD Lucky Mojo on the Feelin' Good label.  It's the last cut on the CD.Thanks!

March 21 Monday at 7:00

  You guys played an amazing blues track March 21 monday night at 7pm and want to know who sings it.I think its called: I love you so baby, more than you'll ever know.But the versions i found don't have the lyrics at the end when he says: When I get back home, will it be ok.

Here's a Guess

I didn't play any tune with a title anything like that but, based on 7:00 PM I'm guessing it was probably "When I Get Back Home" by Mike Morgan and the Crawl from Mike's CD "Stronger Every Day" on the Severn label.  It is an excellent CD and if you liked that tune you'll probably like everything else.



Tha album name is: 

  • Dbaj o miłość (compilation) (2001)
    I don't know which track JMac played, but I'll e-mail him and have him respond.

    Tadeusz Nalepa

    The track I played on Monday (12/06) was Tak Przez Caly Czas which translates as "Yes All The Time."

    The CD, Zlota Kolekcja, is listed on Amazon.com and other online retailers but I have yet to find one that has it in stock.  Zlota Kolekcja is a "best of" CD so the tracks may be available on other releases.  Tadeusz Nalepa's official website has a discography (in Polish).


    Tadeusz Nalepa

    Loved the cut by Tadeusz Nalepa.  Trying to find the album with little luck.  Anyone know the name of the song and the album?

    Tadeusz cd

    Tadeusz Nalepa-Dboj o milosc-zlota
    He's a Polish blues guy who passed away a few years ago.  A listener donated the CD to KNON awhile back.  Do a google search to learn more.  I have no idea where to buy one.
    Don O.


    Found the name and background on the internet, as well as 5 different albums, but none of the posted tracks sounded like the one played.  Can't find more with out an album or song name.

    Dave MacKenzie - Rats in my kitchen

    Loved the "Got Rats in my Kitchen" song. I would love to hear more of Dave MacKenzie.