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I blame it all on Jimmy Reed. If it wasn’t for his music, my introduction to the blues may have been delayed for quite some time. As a teenager, when I heard “The Best of Jimmy Reed” on Vee Jay Records, everything changed for me.

I decided that I needed to know everything there was to know about this kind of music. Some forty years later, I’m still pursuing everything blues and I probably will be until my last days. In the course of my pursuit of the blues, I have been very fortunate to have seen Jimmy Reed perform live along with many other of the “Masters” like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Hound Dog Taylor, Otis Rush, Junior Wells and many others.

I was able to see all these bluesmen in around Chicago in the late 60s where I worked in the steel mills during the summer to pay my way through college.

I listen to all styles of blues, but if I had to choose one to be more partial to, it would probably be the Post-War electric blues of the late 40s and 50s. To me, these guys were true innovators. They were using electric guitars and amplifiers for the first with no one before them to use as examples. They were it. And blues is still played pretty much the same way the pioneers of the 50s played it.

I started playing guitar back in the early 70’s and eventually switched to bass and never looked back. I’ve played in all different kinds of bands ranging from jazz, jazz fusion, funk, power trio rock but I always seemed to go back to the Blues.

I’ve played in numerous bands up in the Chicago and Champaign, Illinois area as well as several Blues bands in the North Texas area. And although I was born in Chicago, I consider my self a naturalized Texan since I grew up here but spent some time up north. From being born in Chicago and growing up in Texas, how can I not have strong feelings for the Blues ?



song on radio 27 May 6:30pm

Just heard a song by Female artist about taking out the trash....can you identify this artist?

Song Played on 7-16-2013 at approx 7:30 p.m.

I was driving home and heard this song.  I would have tried harder to recall the lyrics, but I figured someone would identify the song and the artist after the song ended, but that did not happen.  Anyway, a male sings the song and it is about a woman grinding coffee.  The singer talks sings about watching the "woman grindingcoffee," something about liking cream and suigar in his coffe and finally something about this woman serving him coffee in bed.  What is the the name of the song and who sings it?  The song is incredible. I've been thinking about it for days.  Thank you

Song on Nov 6 approx. 7:50 PM

It was a rockin' song. Who was it and what was the title, please. Thanks, R

Song Played Today

Just before the Texas Blues Radio show today, a bluegrass version of James Browns "I Feel Good" was played. What was the name of the group who played it?

Song played on 11-8

That was" Me and My Woman" from Texas Slim's new cd entitled Luck Mojo on the Feelin' Good label.

Song played around 6:30pm 11-8-11

Hey!  KNON played this great song (I know, they all are) but this one had the lyrics that had "On Thursday I get steak and on Friday I get no dinner"  Or something like that.  The gist of the song is "My woman and I don't always get along".
Any idea who sang it and the title?

the answer

Mark says it was Texas Slim, "Me and My Woman" from his new CD Lucky Mojo.

song played March 15

Could you tell me the name of a song played just before a Magic Slim song on March 15 around 7:15 pm? Also where is a good source to
find the songs played?    Thanks and keep up the good work.
                                                     Sky hook

Re: song played on March 15

Sky Hook,That was Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters "Harvard Square Stomp" from their "Language of the Soul" album on the Bullseye label. Thanks for asking and thanks for listening. I don't post my playlists anywhere but if you ever have a question about anything I play, send a message here or to sonnyboymark@yahoo.com. Thanks.

Van Wilks

Ahoy there blues meister......
I"m Cap'n Bob. long time supporter and contributor to KNON.  I now live on my sailing yacht down here in the US Virgin Islands but continue to tune in online and pledge every now and then.
Tonight I'll be sitting in on  harp with a great Austin-based guitar slinger....Van Wilks... at one of our local watering holes.  He comes down here to paradise for a brief tour each year and we love having him.
How's about playing some Van Wilks tonight?  http://www.vanwilks.com/
Cap'n Bob

Song from Nov 16

I was wondering about the name of a song that was played yesterday around 7:45 last night.  It had the lyric of "I thought you was an angel, but you Jezebel instead"  and "I don't want no lying, cheating woman in my bed"  The songs that were played after it were a Scandinavian group and then a BB King song.  Hope you can help.  Thanks.

Re: Song From November 16

THat song was called "Do It" by Delbert McClinton  from his Acquired Taste cd on the New West label from last year. Thanks for listening.Sonnyboymark