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song name/artist

Sorry to bug you with another question, but you played a great new song with terrific harmonica backing early in your show last night. Think it was called "Keep On Lying" by an artist with the last name Michaux. Can't find any reference to it on the web. Please elucidate. And thank you for playing such great stuff. Much obliged.

re: song name/artist

That would be R.J. Mischo from his new CD "Everything I Need".

Much gratitude. Thx. 

Much gratitude. Thx. 

song name

Hi, Weds night and the lyrics are I saw you walking in the rain, with him..I heard it on the wind?  Thanks!

He loves em and leaves em

Just like he loved me and left me! He knocked me down,
He knocked me down, I got a fire burning no way ta put it out!
He said he's leaving and he knocked me down.
He said ill learn doing what I did to him.
I got the Blues man! The Blues! Sweet Home Chicago Blues!
                                                  Musicians LiL Sister Sherri
                                                    May 27th 2012

Lyrics Question

Hi, Scott. Can you help me?I'm listening to a recording of "Ev'ry Day I Have the Blues" by Jimmy Rodgers. These lines occur at the beginning and ending:Everyday, everyday I have the blues Everyday, everyday I have the bluesWhen you see me ???? it’s you I hate to lose Do youo know what the words are at the "?????"? They seem to be different each time.Thank you.Mark


i heard part of a song at about 7:45 pm on 12-21-11
some of the lyrics i think were "grandma was passed out drunk under the christmas tree" with a chorus of "under the mistle toe" ???
there were some other country type lyrics in it. very funny, never heard this one before.
great song


The song is called, "Xmas Blues" by Dave MacKenzie from the CD, "Old, New, Borrowed & Blue".  Thanks for listening!  Merry Christmas!Scott

rockabilly sohh tickets

thanx again!see y'all there


Who was that you played just after Eilen Jewel?

Song after Eilen Jewell

It was "Don't Put Her Down, You Helped Put Her There" by The Sweetback Sisters from their latest release "Looking For A Fight".


Can you pledge online? Do you have to call?Looks like you can - will affect your numbers for this broadcast? (Texas Blues Radio)

yes, you can pledge online

Just click on the link to the left that says "pledge online".  There is a place on the online pledge form to credit the shows you are pledging to.  Thanks for your support!

tonites broadcast

i was trying to find out the name of the group that was djing today...singing a song about"your gonna have to shave" lmao so good n funny at the same time...then after that she was playing some wicked harmonica melodies,,loved it,,sang acsong by emma ?//reid..not sure but would love to buy some of their music/cds..thanks for any help..my husband n i love ur station..well i should say our whole family..keep on keepin on

the answer is...

That was Cheryl Arena.

your picture

Hey what about changing your picture that looks like it's been around since 1996?