Roulette Radio

JennLeigh w/ Spotmatic & Biscuit- email:

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Monday Mornings 12am-4am

Rockabilly Revue

Cowhide/Charlie Don't Park - email:,


Tuesday Evenings ...

Sonic Assembly

Woodtronic & DJ Rid - email:

Tuesday Nights 10pm-Midnight

Sonic Assembly Power Hour has been massaging the FM airwaves since 2009 with...

Notes from the Underground

Gene the Scream -

Wednesday Nights 8pm-10pm

Notes from the Underground is a show that will remind Baby Boomers, and introduce younger listeners, to a time in American History when the youth culture flexed its muscle...

Hard Time Radio

Thrashin' Alan -  email:


Thursday Nights 8pm-Midnight

I Am A Lifelong Native Of Ft. Worth Texas, Where I Have Spent Most Of My Life Longing For A Bigger, Better, Stronger...

Lone Star Dead

Eric - email:

Friday Nights 8pm-10pm

Lone Star Dead was started in 1983 on KNON 89.3 FM

Since 1992, it has been produced and...

Mansion of Madness

Hieronymous Superfly - email:

Saturday Mornings Midnight-4am

Mansion of Madness explodes with 55,000 watts of musical lunacy, weird rants, and inspired freakiness. Enjoy radically free-form radio...

Magic Time Warp

Oldies Rock

 Ranger Rita - email:

Ranger Rita

The Dungeon

Raven - email:

Sunday Mornings Midnight-4am

Tune into The Dungeon on to hear extreme metal...

Sonic Burrito




Weird Warren - email:


Sunday Nights 10pm-Midnight


Weird Warren is KNON's resident geek/engineer and also host's the Sonic Burrito Radio Show on Sundays 10:00 pm to 12:...