Texas Blues Radio visits Dublin City FM in Ireland!

Texas Blues Radio visits Dublin City FM in Ireland!

by Don O.

I had a chance to visit with Charlie Hussey on his excellent blues show, the Blues Train in Dublin on Sunday October 11th.  The wife and I had been in Ireland for 10 days on vacation and my flight out just happened to be on Monday morning, putting me in Dublin on Sunday night.  I had met Charlie some years back when Graham Hynes came back for one of his several visits to DFW and brought Charlie along in the entourage.  When Charlie heard I was coming, he asked me to be on the show and bring along some DFW blues to play. I was happy to accept!

I put together several CDs of DFW blues artists, trying to show the wide variety of styles of blues we have here, plus give some Ireland exposure to folks who have mostly self-released CDs. There's somewhere between 100 and 120 active blues bands and artists around here and probably 70-80 of them have CDs out. It was easy to fill up 2-80 minute CDs with tracks and I still kept thinking of people I had left out.

After some travel adventures, I got down to the Dublin City FM studios about 15 minutes before showtime and had a nice time chatting with Charlie. Dublin City FM is a non-profit community station similar to KNON.  Charlie has been their Sunday night blues host for almost 20 years.   On the show, he played tracks by the following DFW blues artists:

Andrea Dawson
Hash Brown and the Browntones
Tutu Jones
Kenny Traylor
Texas Slim
Josh Alan
Gregg A. Smith
Ruff Kutt Blues Band
Joe Jonas
Cookie McGee
Miss Marcy
Brandon Santini (with Dallas guitarist Elliott Sowell)
Smokin Joe Kubek and Bnois king
DC and the Capitols (Dempsey Crenshaw)
R.L. Griffin
Ray Sharpe
Mace Mabon
Jim Suhler and Monkey Beat
Jason Elmore
Cricket Taylor
Stompin Bill Johnston
Paul Byrd

In between tracks I filled in some information about each artist and Charlie and I played "stump the DJ" (it was a draw). 

It was a real blast getting to share some Texas Blues with folks in Ireland and Charlie was a wonderful host.  He didn't get to all the CDs I brought, but I left him with plenty of additional DFW artist tracks to consider for future shows.  Thanks for the invitation, Charlie!!

Charlie Hussey (L) with Don O.

charlie Hussey on Dublin City FM