PSA Request

KNON, with 29 years in broadcasting offers diverse programming serving the low to moderate-income community members in the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth and surrounding areas. The mission of KNON is to be the voice of the people. We are interested in offering public service announcements (PSA) that will also be of service to our listening audience. We can offer a 40-second PSA with the goal of providing useful information to listeners. This is available only to Non-Profit groups.  KNON plays PSA’s at set intervals based on time and availability. Does the work you do provide a service to the North Texas community? If so, that is the information we would like to share in a PSA message.  If you are new to our PSA program, we would like to ask that you please refrain from sending fundraising PSA’s before sending one with information about what your organization offers the community.  If our listeners don’t know the value of your service to the community they may be less interested in your fundraiser.  We want your message to be successful. Existing partners need to provide 2 weeks’ notice prior to the event. If this is your first time to work with KNON, then we need at least 4 weeks advanced notice. Submit yours now for airplay consideration & thank you for visiting KNON.