KNON Presents 9th Annual Chili Cookoff

KNON 89.3FM and Taven On Main Present

The 9th Annual Chili Cook Off and Concert

Saturday September 30th 2023.

Doors open at noon. The event goes till 6pm.

Performing Live Floramay Holliday, The Airstream Outlaws and more TBA.

There will be two Cook offs. One will be an official Terlingua Sanctioned Chili Off and A anything goes Cook Off (People’s Choice).

Including the two cook offs there will also be a Hormel vs Wolf Brand Contest.

Registration for the Cook off is $25 per chili submission.

If you are wanting to be a vendor at this event,

please contact Jesse at 469 487 6516

Official Turlingua Chili Cook Off Rules Below



1. Head cook or designee must register (name, address & e-mail) at Cookoff

Headquarters for chili and/or showmanship.

2. Head cook or designee will draw their judging cup and initial for receipt at

Registration, Head Cooks Meeting or as determined by Cookoff. Remove the

numbered ticket from the cup, write your name on the back and put in a safe place.

Winners will be announced by this number and it must be presented to claim the


3. Cooks must not “mark” cup in any way. If cup is damaged, a replacement can be

obtained by turning in damaged cup and numbered ticket.

4. Cooks must be at least 18 years old to enter a cookoff.


1. Chili must be cooked on site the day of the cookoff from scratch. “Scratch” means

starting with raw meat and using regular spices. “Scratch” means starting with raw

meat and spices. Commercial chili powder is permissible, but complete commercial

chili mixes are NOT permitted.

2. Chili must be prepared out in the open in as sanitary a manner as possible.

3. No beans, pasta, rice or other similar items are allowed.

4.The head cook must prepare the chili to be judged.


1. No more than one judging sample can be taken from any one pot.

2. Each cook may turn in only one cup of chili.

3. At turn-in time, fill your cup ¾ full (or leave at least 1 inch head space) and take

it to the Cookoff Headquarters. Do not be late.

4. Your chili will be judged on AROMA, CONSISTENCY, RED COLOR,


SHOW TEAM RULES (It is not mandatory to have Tolbert judged Showmanship.)

1. Show teams must have a chili cook entered in the cookoff and team be

registered in order to qualify for showmanship points.

2. Showmanship Teams MUST enter all cookoffs under the same show name and

show captain who must be in attendance.”

The First place Chili winner at a sanctioned Cookoff is automatically qualified for the

Original Terlingua Championship Chili Cookoff.