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11311 N. Central Expressway, Suite 105
Dallas Texas 75243

Business, Concert, and Nightclub Announcements

For rates and information, please call or email our Account Executives

Jesse Gonzales (DJ Kane):
214-828-9500 ext 227


Christian Lee:
214-828-9500 ext 234


Gregg Smith:
214-828-9500 ext 233

Production and Traffic Manager

Jason Fassig:
(214) 828-9500 ext 223

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) & Church Announcements
Does the work you do provide a service to the North Texas community? If so, that is the information we would like to share in a PSA message.

Submit Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) and Church Announcements to

Two weeks advance notice required.

KNON offers diverse programming serving the low to moderate-income community members in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas. The mission of KNON is to be The Voice of the People. We are interested in offering public service announcements (PSAs) that will also be of service to our listening audience. We can offer a 30-second PSA with the goal of providing useful information to listeners. This is available only to non-profit organizations. KNON plays PSAs at set intervals based on time and availability. KNON also makes all PSAs available to our DJs to read on the air.

Copyright Agent Contact Info:  Dave Chaos 214-828-9500 x 222 or KNON 11311 N. Central Expressway # 104 Dallas Texas 75243

Music Tracking/ Pledge Coordinator

Christian Lee:
(214) 828-9500 ext 234
Tuesdays 10 am – 5pm CST

Send music to:
11311 N. Central Expressway, Suite#105
Dallas,TX 75243

You may also email your music directly to any DJ with their email address listed on the formats page at this site.

Not every DJ at KNON has provided the station with an email address for music submissions. KNON DJ’s select their own music for airplay. We do not have playlists for the DJ’s to follow. If you do not find a DJ’s email address on the web site then your are welcome to mail your music package to that DJ’s attention.

Pledge Drive, Your Pledge and Pledge Premiums (T-Shirts, tickets, etc)

Feel free to call or email Christian with any questions concerning your Pledge. When emailing please include your name, show you pledged to, your phone number, the amount you pledged and the premium you were promised. Pledge Premiums are mailed every weekend after Pledge Drive ends until we have sent everyone’s. It takes 3 to 6 weeks for a premium to go out after a Pledge has been paid.


Christian Lee:
(214) 828-9500 ext 234
Tuesdays 10 am – 5pm CST

Interested in getting a show on KNON?

  1. Please download and fill out The KNON Volunteer Application.
  2. Then email to

KNON welcomes all show proposals. If an opening occurs at KNON we review proposals and conduct interviews with qualified candidates at that time. KNON does not contact anyone about show proposals until an opening occurs. Too many proposals are received to contact everyone. You will be contacted in the event an opening occurs and your proposal is selected for consideration. We never encourage or discourage folks as we never know when an opening may occur. Openings typically occur when an existing show repeatedly fails to meet it’s Pledge Goals, a DJ resigns, or KNON’s Board of Directors decides on a format change. Send all show proposals to KNON’s Station Manager at or mail in to the address above. No Phone Calls Please.

Station Manager

Dave Chaos:
(214) 828-9500 ext 222
Monday to Friday 10 am – 6 pm CST


KNON Board of Directors


Doris Gillyard
Paul Kollock
Steven Weed
Bernita T Scott
Gene Soslow
Joost Felius                                                                                                                       Charles McGarry
Dave Chaos (Station Manager/Ex Officio)