Magic Time Warp

DJ: Steve T. Cockroach
Saturday Mornings 10 am – 12pm
KNON Format: Oldies Rock

The Magic Time Warp Show heads back in time to feature the Golden Age of Rock and Roll, Motown-style Soul, and the music and artists that made it all possible including Boogie-Woogie, Jump Blues, Rockabilly, and even a touch of Gospel each week. While we try to focus on 1953-1963 in our selections, we’ve been known to reach back to the 40s and lean forward to the middle and late 60s to cover our subject matter properly.

The show was founded by Ranger Rita back in the day and then she revived it in 2011 when she returned to radio. Even though Steve T. Cockroach is spinning the platters as of 2020, he’s still bound by Rita’s Rules, so never you worry!

We are always happy to look up golden oldies for our listeners and if it’s in our format, we’ll play them for you! If we find a story to go with the music, we’ll tell the tale on the air for everyone’s edification and enlightenment!