Board Meetings

The KNON Board of Directors holds 11 meetings per year. Meetings are held monthly, except for November. Meetings are held at 3 PM on the last Saturday of each month. The schedule for the current year is below.  Meetings are open to public. Meeting location is 13154 Coit Road # 200 Dallas Texas 75240. To access building contact DJ on air at 972-647-1893 or arrange in advance by emailing 

Meeting Dates in 2022:

 June 4, July 30, August 27, September 24, October 29, and December 3 


Equal Employment Opportunity Policy:
KNON will provide equal employment opportunities to all persons and prohibits employment decisions on the basis of all protected classes defined by the US Equal Opportunity Employment Commission. All selection, hiring, and promotion decisions will be based on valid job related requirements consistent with performance of the essential functions of the position.

KNON Board of Directors

Walt Herring – President

Charles McGarry – Treasurer 

Gene Soslow

Joost Felius – Secretary

Mark Mundy

John MacDonald

Kimberly Hill

Leslie Armijo Cannon