barnettChurch Info & Forum

DJ: Rev. Marion Barnett
Saturday Mornings 7 am – 9 am
KNON Format: Talk

Church Information and Open Forum is hosted by Rev. Marion Barnett and airs every Saturday morning from 7-9am.  Rev Barnett discusses politics, current events, and all the important information for YOUR community.  His phone line is always open for your questions and comments, so be sure to give him a call.  Church and Information Forum has been hosted by Reverend Marian Barnett since 1983. Rev Barnett brings in guests from Dallas’s African American Community to discuss issues of organizing for Social Justice. Rev Barnett has dedicated his life to fighting the good fight to empower the powerless. Rev Barnett has been hosting his show on KNON for 37 years, and is one of the few places that lets you be on the air.


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