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THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE SURVIVES ON DONATIONS FROM THE PEOPLE! YOUR PLEDGE IS YOUR VOTE! it is in your hands. We cannot say it enough. Your contributions are what keep the station alive! KNON is on the air because of listeners like you. Shows stay here because listeners tell us with their hard earned dollars that they want to keep them here. It is RADIO DEMOCRACY IN ACTION.

Whether it is Thrashin Alan or Rev Johnson the only way the music and the volunteer DJ’s who play it stay on KNON is if you want them to and tell us with your pledge. All of our DJ’s are here to play the music they love or discuss the issues in our listening area. No other station in Dallas can say that. Go to the box below and select your pledge level by clicking on the gift you’d like. You Can Pledge at any level for any amount by clicking the No Premiums link. There are several pledge levels here online.

One of the ways that we measure a show – or format’s – popularity is by the amount of PLEDGES they receive. When you pledge, if there is a particular show or DJ that you want your contribution to go to, please put it in the text box at the bottom of the page and we’ll be sure that they get credit for the full amount.

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No Premium Please!

Make a donation of ANY amount to your favorite show or format. Let us know you if you do not wish to receive a Thank You gift for this pledge, instead it will go to the show of your choice in full. Everyone at KNON thanks you very much for your support!

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