jmacTexas Blues Radio Monday

Monday 6 pm – 8pm
KNON Format: Texas Blues Radio

Although I like many styles of music, whether listening or playing guitar my first love is the Blues. On my show I try to feature recordings from the Classic Blues of the early 20’s, 1930’s Country Blues, Jump Blues of the 40’s, 1950’s Chicago Blues, and all Blues right up to today.  And, of course, all the great local Blues artists and bands.  North Texas is fortunate to be the home of many outstanding Blues musicians. I’ve been playing the Blues on KNON since 1987 and will continue as long as they let me.

Hope you can tune in from 6:00 to 8:00 PM (US Central Time) every Monday, on the air or over the Internet.  Give me a call during my show at Metro 972-647-1893 if there is something you
would like to hear and I’ll do my best to play it for you. Thanks for listening and special thanks to those of you that pledge and support KNON and Texas Blues Radio!