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Thrashin Alan

Thrashin' Alan -  email: hardtime@knon.org


Thursday Nights 8pm-Midnight

I Am A Lifelong Native Of Ft. Worth Texas, Where I Have Spent Most Of My Life Longing For A Bigger, Better, Stronger Metal Scene. I Began Listening To “hard Rock” Music And Attending Rock Concerts In The Later 70’s, And Quickly Progressed Into, What I Refer To Now As “old School Heavy Metal” In The Early 80’s.

I Was Completely Blown Away By The Likes Of Black Sabbath (Dio & Ian Gillan Eras), Early Ozzy (Blizzard/ Diary Era), Judas Priest (Screaming/ Defenders Era). I Also Was Totally Into Twisted Sister, W.A.S.P. , Quiet Riot, & Motley Crue, Because At The Time These Bands Were Really Pushing The Limits, And That Made Them That Much More Appealing To Me!!! These Were High School Years For Me, And I Was One Of Only About Three Or Four Metal Heads In My School, Which Made Me Stand Out Like A Sore Thumb, And That Was Usually Alright With Me!!!

I Tried To Preach The Metal Word To My Friends But They Usually Just Laughed And Accused Me Of Being Nothing More Than A Crazed Metal Head! I Only Knew That I F**Kin’ Loved Metal Music And That There Were Other People Out There That Shared My Passion For Aggressive, Rebellious Music As Well.

When I Became Old Enough Go To Metal Clubs, Well…that’s When Life Really Started To F**Kin’ Rule! In The Mid 80’s There Was An Underground B.Y.O.B. Club Called The Tombstone Factory, And That’s Where I Got Slammed With My First Dose Of Thrash Metal Music!!! That Place Was The Shit! The Guy That Ran The Place Would Always Have To Leave Early On Saturday Nights To Go And Do A Metal Radio Show On Knon! We Would Always Watch The Bands Until Midnight And Then Flee To The Parking Lot To Listen To Jerry Warden Ripping Shit Up On Knon!!!

I Thought He Had The Coolest Position On Earth At The Time. I Also Knew That I Had To Somehow Be Involved With The Metal Music Business. So I Roadied For Local Bands, And Attended Every National And Local Show Imaginable. Finally In 1990 I Saw A Commercial On Tv For A School That Taught Music And Video Business…i Couldn’t F**Ckin’ Believe It, An Actual School I Could Attend To Learn The Inside Of The Music Business!!! So I Went, I Learned, And In My Last Quarter Of School I Lucked Into A Killer Internship!

I Was Just Wanting To Practice My Interview Skills, When An Unexpected Slot Opened Up On Carrer Day, With The Promotions Director Of 99.1 Z-Rock. The Interview Was An Immense Success. Before I Could Get Home From School, She Left A Message And Said If I Wanted The Position, It Was Mine!!! Finally, After All The Years Of Dreaming About Such A Thing, It Was Finally Reality! I Worked My Ass Off As A Promotions Assistant Intern Until I Graduated From School, At Which Time I Thought The Dream Had Come To An Abrupt End…suckin’!!!

Lucky For Me I Made Good Impression And Was Later Put On The Staff Full Time. I Worked In Promotions For Two Years Or So When An On-Air Position Became Available. I Literally Begged My Boss To Give Me A Chance At It. It Was A One Hour A Week Local Music Show Called “local Stuff” Broadcast On Sunday Nights From 12-1 Am. That’s When My Dual Personallity Known As “thrashin’ Alan” Came To Life! Oddly Enough I Beat Out My Current Boss Dave Chaos, At Getting The Job, Which Was Actually A Blessing In Disguise For Dave!

Anyhow, I Was Successful At That Show And Was Given The Opportunity To Host An Additional Weekly Show Featuring National Metal Music Called “hard Stuff”, I Also Took On The Responsibility Of “metal Director” Which Envolved Me With More Of A Metal Music Lifestyle Than I Ever Immagined Possible! I Was Responsible For Listening To And Reviewing All New Music And Deciding What Was Suitable For Airplay. That Ruled! All Was Great In My World Until The Beginning Of January 1995 When We Were Told 99.1 Would Soon Change Hands. The Station Was Caught In The Middle Of A “hostile Takeover”.

My Dream World Was About To Come Crashing Down! I Was The Final Dj On The Air On 99.1 Z-Rock. On January 31st 1995 I Played Metallica’s “fade To Black” As The Last Song, And As The Song Faded, I Pulled Down The Fader On The Control Board…and That Was That! After That I Spent Almost A Year Trying To Get A Job At Other Radio Stations In Dallas, But Knew I Would Never Be As Happy As I Was At Z-Rock. Until One Night In Deep Ellum I Saw An Old Friend Who Told Me Dave Chaos Over At Knon Had Mentioned To Him That If I Could Be Found, He Might Be Interested In Putting Me On The Air.

Lucky For Me Dave Didn’t Hold A Grudge About The Job Incident At Z-Rock!!! After My First Conversation With Dave, He Said He Would Have To Present The Idea To The Board Of Directors And That It Might Be A While Before He Would Get Back With Me, So I Figured It Would Never Happen. Much To My Dismay, The Phone Rung A Few Days Later And It Was Dave Calling To Tell Me That I Was In!!! I Was Given A Slot In “prime Time” From 8-10pm (Which Has Recently Been Extended To 12am!), And Had To Name My Show. Since My Previous Show Was “hard Stuff”, I Had To Keep It Somewhat Similar To Regain Some Of My Listening Audience.

I Finally Came Up With “hard Time Radio” And So The Metal Train Was Rolling Once Again!!! “h.T.R” Started Shredding The Airwaves In April Of 1996 And Has Been Extremely Successful In Bringing Great Metal Music Of All Sorts To The Masses. I Happily Volunteer My Time And Expertise To A Station That Has Supported Metal Music For Over Twenty Five Years! I Do What I Do Out Of My Undying Love And Dedication For Metal Music And The Metal Music Scene! And So, Thanks To You, All Of My Faithful Supporters…the Dream Continues.


followed his dream

Known thrashing Allen along time and he's a proud dude and with good reason, your the only dude I know that TRULY followed your dream and stuck with it no matter what it took!! Proud to say I know you brother, just wish we hadn't lost contact, but that was my bad completely, keep thrashing brother!!

no other equal

congratulations to DJ's Thrashin Alan for continuing such lifelong passion. and it's good to know and nice story also that your native Of Ft. Worth Texas, and that you have spent most of your life longing for a bigger, better, stronger metal scene. in fact, i don't know if it still can revive such kind of music as it's mostly pop rock this days. i think we're really the same an “old School Heavy Metal” in the early 80’s.

The Truth

Thrashin’ speaks the truth in his bio,
I am ONE of his old friends from school. And he is correct there weren’t many metal heads back in school in the late 80’s and early 90’s. But we didn’t give a F@#~ .
Sooo, we educated the cats that didn’t know. And here we are now! Go figure!
Good times and good friends!
“Thrishin Alan” is one of the coolest dudes I think I ever known and I am PROUD to call him one of my good, old school friends.
He has never wavered his love for great rock and roll. And he knows his rock!
NEW and OLD!
And what the “HEADS” like.
If anybody knows old metal or new metal it’s my bud “Thrashin Alan”
He is a master at his craft!
Keep it Rocklin Brother!
“Your Rock-Alcoholic Little Robert”

i'm warlock

  i love you guy's show and ofcourse the hole metal scene , thank you thrashin alan ,sencerely "Warlock"

for fun

you should play some babymetal during one of your shows! it would pwn!

Pantera Tribute Song

What was that Pantera tribute song I heard last night?  It has acoustic guitars in it.Keep Rock'n!

GIving Thanks

This is Rez K of Earthrot calling out to all my brothers and sisters in the DFW Metalplex to say thank you for supporting Local metal and the one and only Thrashin Allen for all his hard work and efforts to keep Metal Alive! Thank you!
Last, are there any good chat forums to chat during the show?

cool show

caught your show week ago. awesome man! I like the jams.. can you Edge of Paradise "walk the line" this week? and maybe some sevendust "face to face" keep up the great work bro!


ComaTOUR 2011

M O N D A Y . A U G 1 - 8PM

Across the Street Bar 
5625 Smu Blvd, Dallas, TX 75206-5017

Blasphemer- (Italy)

Cerebral Effusion (Spain)

Coathanger Abortion (TN)

Local support by:

Psychiatric Regurgitation

Ebola Zaire

End Times

$10.00 for THREE BRUTAL bands.










Thrashin' Alan

The Man! The Legend!

Death Metal Music Video

Could you please give a shout out to the local metal band Conquered Flesh, my company just shot a video for the song False Prophets Demise and were all real proud of it. Listeners can find the link on youtube under Conquered Flesh False Prophets Demise. It includes a seductive young women in a short skirt and fish net stalking plus a killer track. What more could you ask for?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBrmbkZ33mg


Keep it metal & loud!! Kick ass good job dude! thanks for playing brutal tunes!
p.s can i get a naked pic of you autographed?? after i pledge? lol jk but It be cool to have another metal friend's number ;)
sincerey Mistress of Metal aka Henrys Bitch =)

dimebag and mayhem tribute

hey allen. Long time listener of the show or should I say pledger. I finally got to meet you at the rail club. We talked a little about peter steele and dime. by the way excellent show that night. Any way I was going through some cds and I ran across a dvd that somebody had made about dimebag and mayhem. I watched it and got kind of choked up about it. I miss that guy. I forgot how much you two sound alike. It's got all the news footage on what happened. headbangers ball special tribute om dime including videos. even a segment on mayhem. I got it from this club in deep ellum a few years ago. I think it was called blue indiglo or just the indiglo club. I was just wondering if you ever got a copy of that. It was well put together. Well brother I know you are a busy man and i will catch you on thursday. And I will make my pledge. LIGHT IT UP!!!!


hey men i'm luis from zacatecas mexico, i'm in the office listening knon, i used to live up there and i love u'r show and now i still listenin donw here, please send some shouts to me luis long time fan since 96