Tuesday Morning Blend

DJ: Gary
Tuesday Mornings 7 am – 9 am
KNON Format: KNON Morning Blend

Tuesday, the second day of the average work week, was named after a Norse god you’ve never heard of, except in the word “Tuesday.”  The Romans called it Mars’ Day, which would probably be much cooler, but Norse people were hanging around in England when they decided to name the days while the Romans had returned to watch their civilization collapse.

None of this has anything really to do with the Tuesday Morning Blend which happens (not surprisingly) every Tuesday & which will share with you a blend (ah, I understand the name now!) of all the musics you may hear on KNON throughout the rest of the broadcast day & week.

Hosted by Gary, who is not entirely convinced that Tuesday isn’t just Monday with a hangover, the show hopes to play great tunes & perhaps even talk about great things, but it will definitely be the sort of thing you can only hear on the Voice Of The People, the mighty KNON!

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