07 Nov 1986

KNON loses its broadcast license, 1986

As far back as 1978 The Criswell Center for Biblical Studies had expressed an interest in KNON’s 100 kilowatt license.  Their radio station, KCBI, had been broadcasting on 89.3 FM since 1976.  Their broadcast license was restricted to 10 kilowatts and they wished to have a higher power station with a larger coverage area.    This resulted in a protracted fight before an FCC administrative law judge over who should have the license for 90.9 FM.  On November 7, 1986, the judge ruled in favor of The Criswell Center and stripped Agape of the license for 90.9 FM.  Agape immediately appealed the decision.  Press coverage of the decision was mixed, with some calling it a David and Goliath battle with the deep pockets of the Criswell Center against lowly little KNON.  KNON continued to broadcast normally while the appeals process proceeded.